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Our Story


Mythlete started as a dream, Our founder and CEO Elijah Kirkpatrick was a certified trainer and health coach. After years of taking supplements, he was unhappy with the name brands and what they were putting in their products. He set out to design something more! Through a two year process with rigorous testing on athletes, to heavy lab work, he created the perfect formulas. Soon after Jake Gebhardt and Blaine Johnson joined his team to make the dream a reality. Together they launched the company on January 15th ,2020. Sadly an unforeseen event struck... COVID-19 sent the entire country into a lockdown and shut Mythlete down. The Team fought through many difficulties, setbacks, and partners who fell through. Mythlete relaunched November 9th, 2020 better than ever before, with a new team member, Jeff Brown and a wide variety of specially designed products. Only the sky was the limit.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring our vision of healthy and athletic lifestyle alive for every person who uses our products and to provide the best experience to our athletes and customers alike.

Behind the Ingredients

Every one of our products has stacked ingredients. One bottle supplying everything from health to performance. We do not cut corners, and will always supply every bottle with every ingredient and blend necessary to fulfill the intent of the supplement.

Our Promise

Our Promise from Mythlete is to provide every customer with a product that works, is healthy, and has an amazing taste that will make you enjoy every sip. We will never use fillers, proprietary blends, and will always have fully disclosed labels and clinical proven dosages that are backed by science.

Our Impact

We have brought life back to the supplement industry, an industry too clogged up with major corporations just looking to make money and not caring if their products actually work as intended. We are here to stop that, to put trust back into supplements and show the value and benefit in taking them to aid in your health, lifestyle, and goals.


The Team

Elijah Kirkpatrick


Founder, President, and CEO of Mythlete. The creator and mastermind behind the products, Elijah Kirkpatrick leads and oversees the company to ensure its success and to hold the company accountable to the original vision.

Jake Gebhardt

Vice President

Vice President and Director of Sales, Jake Gebhardt leads the company in wholesale provision and outreach, makes sure Mythlete's products are available to all corners of the country. Works alongside the CEO to ensure the success of Mythlete through sales.

Blaine Johnson

Director of Media and Marketing

Director of Media and Marketing, and the mastermind behind our Social Medias and graphics, Blaine Johnson leads the company in social media and marketing effort. Also serves as the Head Designer of all of the Company's Graphics.

Jeff Brown


The Chief Operations Officer, Jeff Brown, leads the company in operations and logistics to ensure customer's satisfaction with every order. He also works alongside the CEO in handling all charts and financials.



"The Name Mythlete (Myth-lete) came from the combined words of Mythology and Athlete. This name was the key into building our brand around the greatest warriors in history during the mythological era. During this period of history, the idea of the perfect body was first introduced, they built statues and paintings of men and women with the perfect bodies, built with muscle and at the peak of health. The Warriors of this time strived for strength, agility, and speed to conquer their enemies. The first ever Olympics and public athletic sports were introduced during this time period. This era became the basis for our Brand and our vision of aiding people in reaching their own perfect bodies and reaching their own peak of health."


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